The Beginning of The Next US

The Next US is the story of a new America, told from the road in a journey to find everyday genius. We will interview and profile people with integrity, passion, and American can-do spirit. These are folks who are not only successful entrepreneurs: they bring something new to the table with innovations that are rooted in community, sustainability, green design, and a vision for America that can be a model for the world.



10 Responses to “The Beginning of The Next US”

  1. Zoe Alowan says:

    July 3, 2009

    Looked up “crazy” in Websters. ( I found a definition that fits.) ” Enthusiastic, very enthusiastic, Excellent, wonderful, thrilling, etc.” So in that sense you wonderfully enthusiastic, excellent, thrilling beings are truly crazy. Great website. Your journey is blessed!

  2. Michael Cecil says:

    You are indeed courageous and also really onto something significant. This fits right in with Paul Hawken’s BLESSED UNREST – what you are feeling right now! I’ll be tracking with you along the way.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Hi, You 2;

    So good to see yoou on the road and in the flow. I will follow you on Twitter and Facebook. Love to all.

  4. harper says:

    hey guys, looks like this is something that “you” love to do in these times, drive on, find it. live for today not tommorow, love to you


  5. Abraxas says:

    You guys rock!

  6. Ajana Miki says:

    i am thinking that the two of you are an inspiration to us all, a reminder to keep our eyes, hearts and mouths open. I love you.

  7. Dr. K says:

    Wow, this is an awesome adventure that you’re taking us all on. Kudos for your passion and commitment to positive change! I like that you’ve set out to reveal that the Next US isn’t in some of us, but pieces of us can be found in all of US!

    Best wishes,

  8. What fun last night. You both are so inspiring. I need to work at my website. It is a learning experience for me.
    Beautiful morning doing my “routine” See you at the farmers market in the morning.
    Can’t wait for many more videos.


  9. Becky Van Hout says:

    Hi guys. Saw you on the road on Hwy 285 in Colorado. Was intrigued by the website on the RV so I looked you up. Best of luck to you guys. It is wonderful to see someone out there looking for the true heart and soul of America.
    I have bookmarked your website and will be following your adventure. I look forward to the insprirational stories of the road.
    Stay safe
    Becky Van Hout
    Bailey Colorado

    • Susan says:

      HI Becky,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know you’re out there. We cherish this kind of connection. Everywhere we’ve gone there is a heart and soul of America that is present and alive. Let us know if you hear of a story that fits The Next US.
      with enthusiasm,