Nate Funmaker – The Artful Hatmaker

Nate Funmaker is a serious man. He has the kind of honest values that American small businesses are known for, and he knows why we need them now more than ever. Did we mention he makes some of the best hats in the world?



8 Responses to “Nate Funmaker – The Artful Hatmaker”

  1. Long lasting high-quality is a tradition that’s worth every ounce of energy. It’s an investment that’s worth holding on to since it produces things with long-term sentimental value. I appreciate what you do, Nate. This is a beautiful site to see.

    Take care,

  2. I have one of Nate’s hats and it’s awesome! I did struggle with whether or not to buy one but I love cowboy hats and the hats off the rack weren’t quite right. So I decided to buy one that fit me – personally. I went in to see Nate and we came up with an idea and then he came up with the hat. I love it.

  3. Ben Wolcott says:

    I’ve been knowing Nate since he opened his own shop, and have one rabbit hat (for which I traded about 200 feet of rattlesnake skins) and one beaver – I never have liked any hat as much as I like these, and the fit is perfect. A good friend has also purchased a rabbit/beaver blend from Nate, and his first words were “I never had a hat that fits like this!” Nate will make sure you’re happy with your purchase, and he’s a neat guy to get acquainted with.

  4. Linda Bark says:

    Great piece and great hats!!! Bravo to Nate et al…Linda

  5. dan castor says:

    Met these great folks at NFR about 3 -4 years ago and it took me awile to decide to ask him to make a blend hat for me that wasn’t like you would find on a rack and it turned out great! This past December I was walkiing through the trade show at NFR and the gentleman in Nate’s booth looked up and said to me “It looks as good today as the day we made it!” he reconized their work after all that time and it does look as good!
    Thanks to these Craftsmen for the great job, and I will continue to recommend them to others every chance I get.

  6. Ed Singer says:

    Made in America by an American Native! I am proud to be a customer of Nathaniel’s. His business is of a truly last of its kind. The shop in Mancos is awesome as the tools of his trade are all out on display and the beautiful results of his handiwork is on display on the sales rack.

  7. We met Nate at the Arabian Horse show this year in Scottsdale, Az and I bought one of his Vaquero hats. At first I hesitated about spending $625 on a hat but the hat was so cool and the quality was without equal to any hats I have seen. I am very pleased with the hat and I get many compliments on it all the time. We went back a couple of days later and purchased one for my wife. I wish I would have had the opportunity to buy one of his hats earlier instead of wasting money on inferior store bought hats. Thanks Nate.

  8. So I see many great reviews. I live on a ranch, I team rope for fun, I’m a doctor for a living, I own several urgent care clinics, I love working on my tractor, sometimes I wear my hats every day, sometimes weeks go by and I don’t wear my hat and gues what, it’s like my fantastic head horse ( a grandson of Peppy San Badger) it just fits and works great every time. I’ve spent lots of money on hats from resistol (100x), ML Leddy’s etc, but Nate got it right the first time. I never got the steamer out to reshape the way that fits me when I got my hat in the mail. I would wait a year for his hats any second. Nate, I just wish you would make me a straw hat! Keep up the way you do business. I do enjoy my hats. All of them are 100% beaver.