F5 Tornado Sparks New Careers

A lot of people talk about creating something from nothing, but when an F5 tornado wipes your town and livelihood off the face of the earth, you get to really see what that’s like. Meet the former auto body shop owner and antiques dealer, Scott and Susan of Greensburg, Kansas, who let their passion be their guide in this episode of The Next US.


F5 Tornado Sparks New Careers


5 Responses to “F5 Tornado Sparks New Careers”

  1. What a great story. I too come from a small town in Kansas and your story just shows how people make a town not buildings or places. Thank you for showing us it can be done.

  2. Sugeet says:

    This is pure inspiration. Salt of the earth folk are gown in the midwest. I’ve posted this on my Facebook page and hopefull a couple hundred more folk will catch the inspiration.

  3. Barb Eisele says:

    Great work…. excited to see it on the website. Also, we are excited to see that you have some new alliances in the works for non profit…. YEAH!

  4. Brent and Diane says:

    Susan and David,

    Great piece. Good luck with your non-profit status. Happy trails.

    BC and DC

  5. Carolee Buck says:

    Hi Susan and David and Dean

    Wonderful works keep coming from NextUS. We love following you around. Good luck on the funding and the non-profit status. You continue to move forward and amaze us with the stories you find. There is a lot of good hiding in this world, nice of you to find it and share it.

    love, Carolee…. and Art