Everyday, Americans are finding unexpected and creative ways to triumph in this era of unprecedented economic change.  The spirit of design, manufacturing and invention is alive in America in places where you might not expect. Combine great ideas with passion, creativity and know-how and you have a formula for success in this new economy.

Criteria for The Next US

Our main criteria is to find businesses and individuals thriving in the present economy who found a way to do what they love for a living, however that in itself is not enough. In addition, the people and companies we want to profile could fit any and/or all of these criteria, described briefly below.  These are guidelines, not absolute rules.

1. Ethical Practices

They come from a place of ethical responsibility to their employees, their clients/customers, and the community. This is reflected in their work practices, how people talk about them, and what happens with their profits.  Above all, they behave with integrity and do no harm.

2. Sense of Tradition Combined with Modern Innovation

They can come from a family or community who has been doing this for many years, but now they are doing it with the benefit of technology, using technology or modern thinking in a positive way.

3. Community

The business places a high priority on giving back to the community and tying in resources and people in their immediate locale to benefit the community.

4. Caring for the Earth

Their product/service is something that fits the proven need to benefit and not harm the earth or endanger people with the by-products of their business, and creates jobs or associated business with people and products that support a green agenda.

5. Sustainability

The business does not use up resources for their own profit that are needed by the earth and the community where they live. The business allows for and encourages growth for the future rather than finding profitable ways of using up a natural resource.


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