David Mackenzie
Everyday Wonder Productions

I need to find stores of people finding a way to prosper, grow and live larger than the fears that grip us all from time to time. It’s time for me step out into this country I love.

I’ve looked to America since I was a kid for hope and ideas to add to my Canadian heart.

As a boy I looked across the border into America and saw that everything was possible.
Crossing the Peace Bridge into Buffalo to buy model cars that only could be had there, I found things to make, to model that inspired me back in my complex world of my home.
These were people who invented then made things that changed the world.

Love brought me to live in Texas from Toronto in 1988.
I was going to find my way, opportunities would exceed limitations – this was America.
It was the height of the Savings and Loan debacle. I didn’t know that I should be depressed. I followed my passion and amazing opportunities opened.

That was 21 years ago and this adopted country I love has evolved a crisis of belief that is shaking the hearts of all its people.

I know the heart of this country is strong, not in the decorative phrasings of marketed patriotism but in the bones of the people.
In small towns, cities, backyards, Genius is blooming.
I intend to find and celebrate it, show it and champion it to the best of my ability.

It’s time for me to rediscover myself and tend to the spirit of inventive strength that I have come to know is America.