A Westward Quest for Horse Whispering



The Next US invites you to meet Cristy who traveled west in search of something she longed for. A liberated horse gave her a future she couldn't refuse.


2 Responses to “A Westward Quest for Horse Whispering”

  1. Sugeet says:

    I’ve always oved hses too, but a freidnship with a stallion and his mare were teachers for me. In a pastre close by my home I say the stallion’s devotion to his mare, who was fondering. I took apples and carrots and became freinds. The last day I was with them, the stallion just stood next to me and stood pround. He filled me with such awe and admiration as not to be said in owrds. They are extraodinary and we have much to learn from their magnificence.

  2. Wind Eagle says:

    These are my friends at the Buffalo Women Ranch that I had the pleasure of being with and to learn from, it did my heart good to see them here on The Next Us, Aho!!